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Significance of Church Membership

The Bible describes those who follow Jesus as God’s children who are part of a vast, multicultural community of people united by their faith in Jesus Christ. Joining Hope Hills Church is not like joining any other organization…it’s like joining a family where you are welcomed, cared for and equipped to help every person in every place find their hope in Christ. Becoming a family member at Hope Hills Church is one of the most significant ways you can invest your life in the mission and purpose of God.

Church membership is different from other types of membership. There are no fees, expirations or legal obligations, but we do view membership seriously and believe it’s important for Christians. It is joining a local church family where you commit to loving, growing with and serving others…even when it’s not easy.

Benefits of Church Membership

Church membership is based on your relationship to Jesus and your desire to be a part of a local church. There are no “perks” or special benefits with a church membership but at Hope Hills Church, an official church member can:

  • Speak in to and vote on various church matters regarding finances, personnel and other important ministry decisions
  • Join our Worship Team or be a teacher on our Kids Team as a volunteer (other Ministry Teams do not require church membership at the volunteer level)
  • Lead one of our Ministry Teams or a Connection Group

Church membership helps others in our church know you are committed to the gospel of Jesus and this church family and affirms for you that you are known, will be cared for and have committed to something biblical and meaningful.

If you are ready to join the Hope Hills Church family, here are the steps to take:

  1. Attend a “Join the Family” session
  2. Meet with one of our pastors or leaders to answer your questions
  3. Complete our online membership covenant

Welcome to the family!

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